Snake in the Grass

by Poppy Xander

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released May 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Poppy Xander Dallas, Texas

Poppy Xander is a Dallas based composer, vocalist, performer, and keyboardist who has recently released the solo debut album, "Snake in the Grass." She began playing the piano when she was seven years old and continues to explore compositional possibilities after receiving training from the University of North Texas and a variety of ensembles including jazz, gamelan, marimba, and rock/metal bands. ... more

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Track Name: The Ren and the Robin
Little Ren said Robin,
Robin where do you fly?
Robin, how do you get there?
And how do you get so high?

And Robin said,
It’s wonderful, I spread my wings and touch the sky
The wind it lifts me up so high
And the sun is really lemon meringue.

Old Black Crow said Robin
Don’t forget the past
Don’t forget where you come from
And where you’ll end at last

And Robin said Old Crow it hurts
The pain is too much to bear
I can hear them haunting me
I can feel them in the air
But I’ll keep pushing on

Blue Jay said Robin,
Your red breasts look so fine
Come a little bit closer
I want to have you for mine

And Robin simply nodded her head
She swallowed all her pride
She felt his breath as he crushed her chest
And she never saw his eyes again

Vulture said Robin
You’ve come to me at last
I will eat your soul for you and you’ll forget the past
And Robin took a breath so deep
The darkness filled her eyes
He ate her heart and left a balloon that slowly filled her up inside

And Robin floated so high,
Lost to land and sea
The red balloon has sprung a leak
She began to atrophy
And when she crashed she watched as the ants ate out her eyes
If I had only gotten out of my head
And she never saw the sky again
Track Name: Blackwater on the Rise
I trenched through the night and through the dawn
I feel the blackwater on the rise
Trudged to the tunnel at the end of the light
Freedom on my mind

The shackles on my feet, they stayed in my mind
Souvenirs of fears through which I climbed
My body it shook and it could not rest
All my hopes and dreams were jumpin out of my chest

Through hell and the pit of snakes
I feel the blackwater on the rise
With stars in my eyes and money on my head
Better off if I’d been dead

And oh, that train, I was runnin for fast
Hear the hounds of hell chasin’ after my ass
Biting at the heels of my soul
It’s ten days on the run and it’s taken its toll

See the faces of their ghosts at night
Gonna haunt me til I die
Fever Fever, burnin my eyes
I feel the blackwater on the rise

And then I saw the train come down
Like fire in the night
Conductor came out and took me aboard
Said, this one’s fightin for his life

With a tonic and the word of the Lord
Conductor got me healed up right
May the road rise to meet you
No creature defeat you, you will find the light

But as it turns out, there was never freedom
We broke the shackles of our captivity
Now I sit in poverty to beg for a dime for longevity

A body filled shack of dread and bones
I feel the black water on the rise
And now I wait for my unknown death
To be delivered to me
Only then will I be set free, Yes only then will freedom find me
Track Name: Paisley
Shifting, sifting lines of children
Rocking, blocking nights away
Bleeding, stealing taking it from them
Innocence too much to pay

Silk between their fingertips
Polka dots instead of brains
Paisley tightly pulled around her
Clothing her in toxic waste

Take it from them one percent
And hide it where they’ll never find
Line their country’s walls with dollars
Bleed us dry and we’ll up rise

All the money in the world
Won’t save you if you drown
Torch your banks and watch them burn
Ashes, ashes, They all fall down!
Track Name: Lost Boy
Lost Boy,
Where did they let you go?
Did they know you’d be in danger?
Was it better than their anger?

Little Star,
You shot too far.
Went to the table
How the tables have turned
No chair did they leave for you
The record doesn’t spin
Unless the needle has just enough skin

Hide it, hate it
Make it go away
The pain for shame is too much weight
You can get out now without a sound

Oh don’t you know,
You’re beautiful
Lying high on the table
We will feast upon your flesh
And you’ll be left with stranded bones
Track Name: Paintman
Two parts to every play
The sun to set, the sun to rise
A canvas soaked in blood
A clear glass coat to beautify

For every penny saved,
A gift of mine I gave
Put your eyes to mine
Let the creature shine

When the sun begins to rise
The ocean reflects on one
No where to run and hide
Burned up by the sun

For every penny saved
A gift of mine I gave
Put your eyes to mine
Let the creature shine

Moving in and out
Flow without a drought
The puzzle begins to form, filling the gaps of time
The loopholes of the mind

For every penny saved
A kiss of mine I gave
Put your eyes to mine
Let the creature shine

The book begins to write
Poured with paint and pressed and scraped
And on the other side, a manuscript sings its fate
The message must relate

For every penny saved
A kiss of mine I gave
Turn your eyes to mine
Let the creature shine
Let the creature shine
Let the creature shine
Track Name: No Way Out
Through the air and through the wall
We built a tunnel of love to call
To betray it now in the middle of war
Surely we will be pillaged by the skeletons that are haunting us all
Not the one to who can hear me call
The sensitive reactor

Without you it’s lonely, but with you it’s holy
I kiss the ground that you walk upon
I long to breath the air you blow
Smoke what’s in your ashtray before you go
Sleep on the walls where you eat and write
Where you call her name

But I will bring I to you,
And you to I as two can do

Will the flowers in the mail dry the chocolate in my letters?
Melt your heart
Or can we build a path that stretches down for miles
Can we make it straight and keep the focus on the gifts we made
Meet in the middle with our fingertips

I know your mind and you know mine
Instantly across the deep blue see
I hear your voice when calling me
I hear your thoughts and I feel your lips
That I would almost surely miss
The privilege of your crimson kiss is a laughing stock
A cryin’ shame and I will meet with you again
And we will travel on

‘cause I will bring I to you
And you to I, as two can do

Will you now will you leave me in this mess
This packaged maze of polite exchange and soul tide waves
The moon pulls me in and the water pulls me out
But with you it’s always midnight
And there’s no way out
Track Name: Snake in the Grass
I saw her feet from the bathroom stall
And when she came out she stood six feet tall
I looked her over, searched her for clues
What really got me was those sexy shoes

And all I want is to catch your eye and pull you in
By the hooks on your skin
And all I want is to know your name so that tomorrow
We can begin again
And all I want is you, in those sexy shoes

Bartender, give her a drink
I slid her a smoke and a light to think
“A Snake in the Grass” with those blue eyes to glow
I’ve got to find out everything she knows

And all I want is that cigarette
To taste the lipstick from her lips
And all I want is that Snake in the Grass
To taste the spit from her kiss
And all I want is you, in those sexy shoes
And all I want is you, to be my lover, too

I held her close, couldn’t let go
Started talking to everybody she knows
And soon those sexy shoes were on my feet
In the palm of my hand without skipping a beat

And all I want is to hold you tight and breathe your breath
Right into my life
And all I want is to hear my name from your lips
Again and again
And all I want is you, in those sexy shoes
And all I want is you, to break my heart in two
Track Name: Time
Time, hard to tell
With no numbers on the clock
Days are nights
Short with glowing rays

Sand falls through the time keeper
But the time is running out
As it happens, it dooms us all
It’s food and space we’ll die without

The rest is most important sound
The moment before the clenching cry
Or the tension before you piss
The lock of the muscles before the imminent bliss

Time, hard to tell
With no numbers on the clock
Track Name: Darkness of Your Love
You were perfect babe
Oh, in every way
How could you be wrong?
With a heart so strong,
You could only save me
Or overtake me

Did you think I’d keep my eyes closed
In the darkness of your love?
Blinded like a carriage horse
Whose ribs we kicked from within the inside
Laid in a belly for a bed
Dreams inside a dead horses head

I was Bonnie and you,
You were Clyde
Take over the town in just one night
But you robbed of my love
Shot up my hopes in a pool of blood

You were perfect babe
Oh in every way
How could you be wrong
With a mind so strong
White flag I waved
Walked my heart to the grave
Track Name: Just Over the Rainbow
The X it marks the spot
At the bottom you will find me there
Slip down and come inside
Together forever we can wrap up and hide

On the side of the hole is a peaceful, perfect rainbow
Black cauldron, pot of gold
Priced for part of your soul
Somewhere over the Rainbow

A flower car will take us away
No one will notice us, it’s too quick to cave
Come with me boy
We’ve got to get away
So far to go
Still six feet to the grave

No one will know
We’re invincible
Too much too late
Too much off the plate

Love sick without a cure
Tangled up we shot to far for sure
But we’ve become the best friends
You won’t leave me boy
Not even when it ends

So close
Just over the rainbow
Track Name: Keep Calm and Carry On
The drones they fight the wars for you
Surveillance your activities too
No one will be left uncoded
‘Til every thought is noted

Keep your money in Switzerland
The Grand Caymen’s nice this time of year
Big bucks to fund the wars
Contracts to build the jails
But don’t look over here
If they do, pump them with fear

Year Keep Calm and Carry on,
Keep Calm and Carry On

People livin’ in poverty
Can’t make ends meet and can’t be seen
For $6.55 an hour in the hole
$7.25, you’re back in control
30 days to 1 hour of pay
Sell your soul for $50 a day

Yeah, Keep Calm and Carry on
Keep Calm and Carry on
Buried in debt and there’s no way out
You had to have it all, you couldn’t live without
Get another job, kiss your family goodbye
500 billion in advertisement
Just put it on credit where credit is due
Interest til you die, incarceration too

But Keep Calm and Carry on
Keep Calm and Carry on

Get high on a sunny day
If you’re not careful, they’ll put you away
Not for your cancer, not for your fun
The war on drugs has taken your freedom
1.5 million in jail
Unless your rich and you didn’t inhale

Yeah Keep calm and Carry on

Eat three servings of dairy a day
Lithium will make it go away
The sun will give you cancer better stay inside
Watch real life until your brain is fried
The Russians aren’t too far from the moon
What if we all die soon?

While we fight for equality
Monsanto took control of society
I tell you it’s downhill from here
Unless we overcome fear

Don’t Keep Calm and Carry On
Keep Calm and Carry On
Keep Calm and Carry On
Don’t Keep Calm and Carry On